Work is our passion

After work, we are also focused on IT. In 2015, Paweł (CTO @MDDV) and Mariusz (CEO @MDDV) realized that there is no Polish community gathering IT administrators and saw the potential in a hub that would bring professionals together. They founded the Facebook group called SysOps/DevOps Poland.


Currently, the group has over 20 700 users. We also have created two other groups: After Hours and Hosting.

To celebrate 5 000 users, we organized a competition for group members together with:, Aruba Cloud,,, Zaufana Trzecia Osoba, Oktawave, OSEC and

71 000+

Comments in the group’s discussions

12 000+

Specialist posts

45 000+


20 700+

Registered users

3 000+

Authors of posts

The active community of IT specialists eager to exchange knowledge

Meet the Admin

We organize regular meetings for SysAdmins and people interested in DevOps in Warsaw, Katowice, Cracow, Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw.

We have already held 84 SO/DO evening meetings.

Sysops / Devops Poland MEETUP

An opportunity to participate – on site or on stream – in scheduled lectures and exchange of technological views and experiences among participants.

The average MeetUp audience is 100 people in Warsaw and around 70 participants in other cities.



Regular press releases 

on 5 sector-related websites

7 560 minutes

of presentations in total

5700+ people

watched the videos on YT

We have had

over 1700+ pizzas

minimum 4200 liters

of beverages

countless questions

to the lecturers

the audience room has already

held 5350+ people in total